ADA Compliance

There is so much that goes into the parking lot striping San Jose CA and the only way to be sure that it is done properly is by hiring an experienced contractor. We are the leading parking lot striping experts and we will make sure that your parking spaces are well marked.

There is a requirement to ensure that your parking lot is compliant with the laws of the ADA. This is one of the areas that we specialize and we will be glad to make sure that your parking lot is updated. When it comes to ADA compliance striping, you can count on us to provide the best services.

We are committed to making sure that your parking lot caters to the needs of the handicapped in the best way possible. We will use the right paint products and ensure that the lines are visible, even at night.

This is a great way to enhance visibility as it eases the flow of traffic. We will have the signage needed in place as a required and this makes your parking lot safe. Our striping services are aimed at enhancing business operations and ensure that all clients are catered for.

Parking Lot Striping with ADA Guidelines

We have a lot of experience and skills in parking lot striping and maintenance. It is our desire to help you make all your parking areas safe and well-marked. We will follow the ADA guidelines and since we are conversant with the ADA laws, we will use them to make sure that your property is up to standard. There are random inspections that are carried out on your commercial premises and your parking lot for ADA compliance. We are here to help you to avoid hefty fines and legal battles.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is very clear and requires that all commercial parking spaces have reservations for the handicapped. We will help you design these parking lots and ensure that they are in the right place. The spaces need to be marked and identified according to the ADA provisions. We are a full-service parking lot striping contractor specializing in signage and fire lane striping and we will be glad to help you with the markings for your parking lot.

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ADA Parking Lot Striping Requirements

There are specific guidelines that are provided and if your parking lot is not up to this standard, you will be subjected to fines and penalties. The parking spaces for the handicapped should be the ones that are closest to the entrance of the building. If a building has multiple entrances, then you should ensure that there are several slots that are allocated for the handicapped.

We are the best contractor and we will be happy to provide you with the best parking lot striping services. We will ensure that your parking lot is fully compliant with the ADA regulations. If you need to upgrade your parking lot and have it marked properly, give us a call and we will be glad to assist you.